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The house I purchased in New Orleans. It’s in need of a lot of work but man, when I … (Smirks) when we, @DevlinRogers_ and get done it will all be worth it. 

Devlin. Hm. He’s been such a big help, funny too. Smart, love his company and he even managed to run WITH me the night my family tried to horn in on our date. (Laughs at that memory) What a date that turned out to be.

So today has really been perfect.. If you love getting your hands dirty and working hard. (Nods while smiling) I think moving to New Orleans was the right decision for me. 


Meet @BamBamDane_

[Wakes up, feathers floating in the air cell phone vibrating it’s way off the night stand] OH MY GOD @BamBamDane_ What -> @KenShelton1

have you done now? [Coughs. Spits out feathers] My comforter? [Looks over the bed for @BamBamDane_ feathers everywhere] -> @KenShelton1

Where are you? You’re in serious trouble young man! [Cough, sneeze. Falls back in a pile of feathers, groans in frustration -> @KenShelton1

as the cell phone buzzes off the nightstand] Great. [Grabs it from the floor, picking feathers off of it. Reads @KenShelton1’s text] ->

Thinking about me are you? I bet! [Text] @KenShelton1 (I’m home. I’m sick. You owe me a down comforter! 1 guess why! ~ Jillie) [Gets up] ->

@BamBamDane_ come out here this instant! [Stomps foot. Coughs. Sneezes] UGGG! You’re in BIG TROUBLE! I know you’re hiding …. @KenShelton1

[Mutters] What was I thinking. Get a dog I said to @KenShelton1. What does he come home with? A horse! Look how cute he is Jilly. OH yeah ->

he’s cute alright. That was when he was 6 weeks OLD. Now look at @BamBamDane_ 7 months old, big as a house and eating it too. [Grabs the ->

bacon from the fridge. Sneeze] Bless me. Oh btw Jilly, I got a job offer in New Orleans @KenShelton1 said, I hate to leave you but can ->

you keep @BamBamDane_ for me. Given the position I think it would be best. Of course @KenShelton1 he’s adorable, just like his father and ->

I’m an idiot. I would love to keep him for you! [Throws the bacon in the pan, turns on the burner] Well @KenShelton1, you’re tabs adding up!

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